Canadian Undergraduate Journal of Cognitive Science


Submissions Have Closed

The 2020 edition of CUJCS is available here

What to expect after you submit:

  1. Initial Review and Acceptance
    • All manuscripts will be read and reviewed by the editorial board after the submissions deadline has passed.
    • Authors will be informed of the acceptance or rejection of their paper.
  2. Peer Review
    • Reviewers examine the manuscripts, provide critical comments, requests for clarification and modifications.
    • Feedback will be sent to authors who are expected to respond to reviewer comments and resubmit.
    • These steps may be repeated several times.
  3. Professional Review
    • Professors and/or industry professionals will read and review your manuscript. They will have to opportunity to accept, request revisions, or advise to reject your paper.
  4. Publication
    • The design team will compile all the submissions into a final work. Edits may be made to layout and flow.
    • The CUJCS will be sent to publishing bodies and then distributed to authors, universities, and libraries, as well as published digitally.

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