WHat is CUJCS?

The Canadian Undergraduate Journal of Cognitive Science (CUJCS) is an electronic and print journal published by the Cognitive Science Student Society (CS³) at Simon Fraser University. Our aim is to provide a forum for students to share work among peers and gain valuable experience in the process of getting an academic paper published. As a publication, CUJCS provides a unique reference for students, showcases research by undergraduate students, improves  the contact and exchange of ideas between Canadian students and cognitive scientists alike, and illustrates the interdisciplinary work that is the hallmark of cognitive science. Although preference is given to Canadian students, contributions from students elsewhere are strongly encouraged.

Meet Our Team

Mark Giles


Pronouns: he/him
Year: 4th year majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Philosophy

I am a research assistant SFU’s Cognitive Science lab, where I work on topics related to Virtual Reality and Mind Palace. I also help out with a Philosophy radio show, where I discuss topics such as metaphysics. I also am the president of the Cognitive Science Student Society (CS³) and an executive member of the Philosophy Student Union :)) In Philosophy, I enjoy learning about phenomenology and theories of perception. In Computer Science, I am interested in data mining as well as machine learning.

In my spare time you can find me reading Philosophy and playing the guitar!

Hilary J. Tsui


Pronouns: she/her
Year: 4th year double majoring in psychology and communication (I know it’s a really weird combination, but I think it works really well for CUJCS!)

I’m currently volunteering as a student research assistant at Nicholls Lab (UBC Psychiatry) and FHL Clinics. At Nicholls Lab, I do research about offenders and risk factors — currently, I’m looking at differences in social skills between offenders and non-offenders. At FHL Clinics, I do research on autism and the effectiveness of sound therapy. Outside of Nicholls Lab and FHL Clinics, I enjoy researching about mental disorder and crime (NCRMD), language acquisition, dissociative identity disorder, twin studies, and cognitive differences in cross-cultural psychology.

I love reading and writing fiction, learning new languages (I’m currently obsessed with the Cyrillic alphabet), and inhaling copious amounts of sushi. I’m also a classically trained pianist and singer, and I’m an executive member and clarinetist for the SFU Jazz Band. Oh, and I can play the ukulele! Sorta. Plugging your ears will make it sound better, I promise 🙂

Clover Kang

Editorial Board

Pronouns: she/her
ear: 5th year majoring in Cognitive Science

I have been serving as the Secretary for the CS³ for several semesters now! I really enjoy being part of my department and getting involved in the executive team. Outside CS³, I am also a Education Director at the SFU chapter of HanVoice, which is a humanitarian organization working to better the lives of North Korean people, defectors, and refugees and fight for their rights. I am really interested in dealing with cultural diversity as an immigrant society. I am also passionate about abolishing bullying from secondary schools and universities, and this is because I was once a victim of bullying in my middle school years. In terms of career paths, I am looking into becoming a UI designer, designing websites and apps for better usability and aesthetics. I plan to take some hands-on courses from BCIT for UI design this summer!

I am a passionate dancer — I dance mostly Hiphop and Kpop, although I’ve always wanted to learn jazz and contemporary. I am also into pursuing a healthy lifestyle like walking 10,000 steps a day and no heavy carbs during dinner, and I think this stemmed from both of my parents being doctors. Other than that, I’m also interested in the field of fashion design, and I actually have an Instagram account where I upload my daily OOTDs. Lastly, I love dogs: I have a 6 year old Golden Retriever named Lincoln, and he’s the most adorable thing in the world 🙂

Duncan Booker

Editorial Board

Pronouns: he/him
Year: 4th year, majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Philosophy

My research interests are all over the place, which is why I love a field as broad as Cognitive Science! Generally, I’m interested in biological systems, phenomenal experience, and ethics. These interests cover a wide range of topics, from evolution, culture, environmental sustainability, persuasion, community organization, and pretty much anything that humans do, can do, or maybe should do?

I’m a big nerd outside of school too, and I am known to enjoy playing games of all kinds, including trpgs, board games, and video games. I also love to get out into nature to observe the plants and animals, and just generally to feel the sun on my face. Dancing is fun too, even if I’m terrible at it!

Isabelle J. Prasobin

Editorial Board

Pronouns: she/they
Year: 2nd year majoring in Cognitive Science 

I enjoy researching the accessibly of mental health learning resources, POV influences on societal values and vice versa, and understanding the mental health spectrum. I’m also looking into learning more about accessible UI design as I plan on going into UI/UX design.

I do art on the side as well as write fiction. I also play a ton of games (both virtual and tabletop). Recently been delving into the world of creating visual novel assets, v-tuber models, and module creation for tabletop RPGs (mostly Cogent but some pathfinder 1e/ D&D 3.5e). Lastly, I have a lovely needy 35 year old turtle named Chok (“Lucky”) and he is my spirit animal.

Robin C. A. Barrett

Editorial Board

Pronouns: they/he
Year: 2nd Year Masters of Psychology (Supervisor: Dr. Blair)

I am the Student Lead at the SFU Cognitive Science Lab under supervision of Dr. Mark Blair. We do projects with eyetrackers, StarCraft 2 Replay files, User Interface Design, and Virtual Reality. Read up on it here: http://www.sfu.ca/cogscilab/Projects.html. I am especially interested in how the design of virtual reality environments relates to learning outcomes in educational settings. A lot of the research out there getting hyped by industry side business folk is hot garbage, so I’m always looking for good quality studies to offset that (or just hyped-up ones that I should be ready to dismantle at conferences) 

I play video games, enjoy craft beer, and can play a bit of guitar in all sorts of genres (Classical, Folk/Acoustic, Bass, and a tiny bit of electric). I also have a big cat named Maui who is very cute! 

Erin Koch

Editorial ASsistant & Webmaster

Pronouns: she/her
Year: 3rd year, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Cognitive Science at SFU, completing a certificate in UX/UI at BCIT 

I’m currently the Treasurer for the Cognitive Science Student Society (CS³). I’m mainly interested in how user interfaces can be adjusted in order to improve user experience. The user interface could be for any digital medium, such as websites, apps, video games, etc. I like to focus on how attention, perception, and memory can influence how a person engages with interfaces. 

Video games are my biggest hobby, and I enjoy all genres. Currently I’m playing Genshin Impact as a Zhongli and Ningguang main. I also enjoy calisthenics, learning Korean, and eating good food

Gurmehar Singh

Editorial ASsistant

Pronouns: he/him
Year: 3rd year, majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Human Development and Counselling

I am interested in researching a lot of different things. I want to understand humans through as many means as I can.

I have too many hobbies and interests at this point to list. I’m currently reading a book on meditation.

ROllin Poe


Pronouns: he/him
Year: Graduated 2020 

I was the director for the 2020 edition of the Canadian Undergraduate Journal of Cognitive Science. As that was the first edition in quite some time and we had much smaller team at the time, there wasn’t a portion of the production that I wasn’t involved in. For 2022 I’m back as an advisor to the current team providing guidance, support, and knowledge wherever it is needed. 

I’m currently a User Experience Designer at Ubisoft Montréal working on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. I am also a part of the research team in the SFU Cognitive Science Research Lab.