Canadian Undergraduate Journal of Cognitive Science

Art Submissions

Art Submissions Have Closed

Thank you to everyone who submitted

The Canadian Undergraduate Journal of Cognitive Science holding a contest for art to be included in the 2020 edition of the journal.

Please take a moment to read the Rules and FAQs before embarking on your artistic endeavours.

A couple fast points:

  • All art is welcome. Photography. Painting. Drawing. Interpretive Dance. Poetry. Abstract. Realist.
  • While all art is accepted. It must be able to be conveyed by a two-dimensional image (or series of images). Art is currently allotted one page per work.
  • Your submissions should relate to Cognitive Science or the cognitive sciences.
  • Be creative. You might want to go beyond a rendering of a brain. What speaks to you about these topics?
  • You will retain the copyright to your work. Please make sure you have the copyright for everything you submit (i.e. submit your own work)
  • In addition to having your artwork published, there will be additional compensation in the order of $100 (CAD) for first place submission and $50 (CAD) to each of two runner-up submissions. CUJCS expects to accept six pieces of art.
  • All art submissions are due by March 15, 2020 23:59:59 PDT
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